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Veggie Samurai is an iPhone app which offers almost the same type of game as Fruit Ninja. Its an openfeint game where players are able to view the best player’s high score on weekly/daily or monthly basis. The game structure and its objective is to cut all of the vegetables thrown out in the screen. Just by slashing the screen with your finger will trigger the cut. When many veggies are sliced at once, a combo will appear. The more combo you do, the more score you get. Overall it a pretty addictive game to beat your friends score.

Game Modes

There is a samurai and harmony mode which bear quite a resemblance with classic and zen mode. Samurai mode gives you three vegetables drop before you lose, but one touch of a poison jar, and it’s game over. Harmony mode gives you two minutes to score as much as possible.

The game is all about combos of cut multiple fruits with one stroke. You can cut each vegetable in four, so in half, and then each half in half. OpenFeint is included for online high score and achievements.

The advantages

If you like Fruit Ninja you’ll definitely like Veggie Samurai. It gives you the same gameplay mechanic, but increases the action. In Fruit Ninja you can only slice each fruit once, but in Veggie Samurai you have the option to slice the halves one more time.

You need to at least slice every vegetable, but can choose to take the risk to try to really dice up those vegetables. There is tons more action on screen, and many more points to score with more slices to make. It’s always a constant slicing on screen, and plenty of juice smacking the back wall.

There are more types of combos available including consecutive vegetables diced, and multi dice on top of the multi slice. The game recognizes five fingers which really makes a difference when you’re trying to slice loads of vegetable bits to dice them up some more. It’s really a whole new experience with slicing squared in Veggie Samurai. It’s great chopping multiple times with multiple fingers whether you’re on the iphone or iPad. You can do more on the iPad version with vegetables in the air for longer, but it’s easier to swipe multiple times on the smaller iPhone, but both are fun in their own right.

g edge

The cutting edge

In harmony mode, try doing special combos that will increase your points. Especially the dice chains!

10 dice chains will give you 25 points

20 dice chains will give you 100 points

30 dice chains will give you 225 points

40 dice chains will give you 400 points

1 Mega Onion (Turns into Onion Blossom, +100 points)

  • 4 Dice combo including an Onion.

1 Mega Carrot (Once diced grants +500 points)

  • I am not sure on this one but I know it has something to do with very large dice combos prior to seeing it. (30+)

1 Mega Pepper (Once diced grants +100 points)

  • To get the mega pepper you have to cut at least 4 veggies in one slash with one of the veggies being a pepper.

1 Mega Potato (Once diced grants +100 points)

  • There’s also a mega potato, to get that you need to cut and dice 2 potatoes completely in one go.

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  1. Sthiel Says:

    40 dice combo = 400 pts.

  2. Jeroen Says:

    I have 50 dice combo = 625 points eeeeeeeeeeey 😛

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