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Cut the rope – [Walkthough] – IPhone Game

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Gaming language of the post!

Noob – Used when you think another player suck at gaming. Also known asĀ  ‘ nub ‘ and rather offensive to sensitive players.

Cut the rope


Cut the rope is an gaming application on the iphone whereby it is a puzzle game by Chillingo and can be played in itouch/ipad and today even android phones have this application too. A mysterious box arrives at your door with an adorable monster inside known as an Om Nom. Om Nom wants nothing else but to eat yummy candy! Help the Om Nom eat the yummy candy by strategically cutting the rope and using the different devices provided to you to solve the puzzle allowing the candy to land right in the Om Nom’s mouth. Earn points for collecting stars and solving puzzles quickly which will unlock more boxes with additional levels to play.

Starting the game

Cut The Rope