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The cutting edge : Fruit Ninja ” Your way to becoming a ninja starts here..”

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Today gaming language of the post:

GL HF which means GOODLUCK HAVEFUN. Meanings are pretty obvious so i guess i don’t need to explain much 😛

Well lets move on to our post of the day where the most anticipated gaming tip, Fruit Ninja by Half Brick.


Fruit Ninja




Fruit Ninja is a iPhone slicing game by Half Brick. This game is pretty similar to Veg Samurai. The difference is that in Fruit Ninja you slice fruits and the with ONE slice the fruit cannot be sliced any further. Whereas for Veg Samurai you slice vege ( Duh pretty obvious? ) But the vegies in Veg Samurai takes about 4 slices to complete slicing a vege.


Traffic Panic Tips

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Due to some technical issues I did not update for quite sometime so there here’s the latest FREE interesting app! But first The gaming language of the post!

MMB – Make Me Believe. This term is usually used when you’re challenging another player. Example, ‘ Dude, MMB that you can pull this game off and beat my high score.’


Traffic Panic


Keep the traffic flowing, avoid huge car crashes and see how high you can get up the global leader-board in this totally addictive game. You can earn FREE COINS in this game to buy more levels and power-ups, including Nitro, SLOW, Bikes, x2 and 911.

There are now two game options, choose between Classic Panic and Timed Panic Crossing Chaos & Midnight Mayhem difficulty levels have been reduced. In every game modes you can now even compete to get the high score of the day within a specified map!

This game is pretty addictive and features a few new updates. Not bad overall worth a download, besides it is FREE to download in the AppStore.


Objective of the game

Cross your cars, motorbikes, trucks and large vehicles to the other side of the road. By doing so, you control the traffic light on one side only.

Other vehicles will be coming from a direction (Depends on certain map, different map offers different traffic directions). By tapping the screen you will change your traffic light from green -> red OR red -> green which is STOP & GO.

Observe the traffic lights on the right side of the screen. Just by tapping it will change the colour of the traffic lights.

When each car successfully cross the road with crashing, points will be awarded. And if you cross the street without stopping your vehicle at the traffic light, you will get the full points of whats worthy of the vehicle. But if you stopped at the traffic light before crossing, the point of the vehicle will automatically be reduced to half.

Point distributions are as followed ( Without stopping at the traffic light before crossing ) :

Normal sedan cars/ Ambulance / Motorbikes : 200 points

White/Red Trucks : 300 points

Long large petrol trucks : 500 points

Every 1000 points you get you will be awarded 1 coin.


Tip off

  • The trick of this game is to quickly rush your vehicles across without stopping. That will get your vehicle full points. The more you do this the faster you get higher points.
  • Do not wait at long lines in the traffic light because more and more cars will be piling up in your direction and the longer you take to cross your vehicles, the lesser score you will get.
  • Look at your iPhone screen at a whole, this means that you do not only focus on one direction, look it at a comfortable range to see every direction where the cars are coming.
  • Remember to use your power ups when you have been award coins in the game to have an additional score.
  • 2x score is the most worthy power up, so get it and use it wisely!

Well that’s all for this post, if you have any ideas on what game should I tip off next do let me know in the comment section. Cheers! Off.

Cut the rope – [Walkthough] – IPhone Game

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Gaming language of the post!

Noob – Used when you think another player suck at gaming. Also known as  ‘ nub ‘ and rather offensive to sensitive players.

Cut the rope


Cut the rope is an gaming application on the iphone whereby it is a puzzle game by Chillingo and can be played in itouch/ipad and today even android phones have this application too. A mysterious box arrives at your door with an adorable monster inside known as an Om Nom. Om Nom wants nothing else but to eat yummy candy! Help the Om Nom eat the yummy candy by strategically cutting the rope and using the different devices provided to you to solve the puzzle allowing the candy to land right in the Om Nom’s mouth. Earn points for collecting stars and solving puzzles quickly which will unlock more boxes with additional levels to play.

Starting the game

Cut The Rope