The cutting edge : Fruit Ninja ” Your way to becoming a ninja starts here..”

Today gaming language of the post:

GL HF which means GOODLUCK HAVEFUN. Meanings are pretty obvious so i guess i don’t need to explain much 😛

Well lets move on to our post of the day where the most anticipated gaming tip, Fruit Ninja by Half Brick.


Fruit Ninja




Fruit Ninja is a iPhone slicing game by Half Brick. This game is pretty similar to Veg Samurai. The difference is that in Fruit Ninja you slice fruits and the with ONE slice the fruit cannot be sliced any further. Whereas for Veg Samurai you slice vege ( Duh pretty obvious? ) But the vegies in Veg Samurai takes about 4 slices to complete slicing a vege.



There are various blades to choose from in Fruit Ninja. That is the pattern of the slice that you would see during gameplay. There are around 13 Blades to unlock from. Once you download this App from the app store, you will start with a normal blade and slowly unlock them according to their requirements which is stated in the game at the Dojo section.


The Game Modes

There are 4 game modes in FruitNinja :

  1. Classic Mode
  2. Zen Mode
  3. Multiplayer
  4. Arcade Mode


In this post we are going to emphasize on Arcade mode. The popularity of this game is based on Arcade mode. People play FruitNinja is just to play their arcade mode. In the mode you are suppose to get as many points as possible within a minute. That is ONE minute.



The Bananas.

The Double Points. Gives double points when you slice fruits within the period.



The Freeze. Stops the timer on the top right corner of the screen and slows down the fruit speed when they are pop-ing out.



The Frenzy. After you have sliced this, many fruits will jump out from the left and right side of your screen. Well, prepare to SLICE!!


  • The best combo is when you have a Frenzy + Freeze. This is because when you have Frenzy it is hard to slice the fruit as it comes our very quickly, but the Freeze slows down the fruit and this enables you to cut through the fruits slowly and get a accurate slice of it.


The Main Tipoff.

As you keep slicing through the game, do your best to slice a minimum of 3 fruits in ONE slice. As you can see the bonus allocations are as followed.











See the extra amount of bonus? This is what you need in order to get a very high score. What we are looking for is the UNBELIEVABLE BLITZ+30 bonus. For every 3 or more fruits sliced in a row without stopping, you will slowly get this bonus. Imagine when you are having Double points banana during the Unbelievable Blitz period, the points allocation is crazy! This is the time where double points comes in handy. If you’re getting double points in the beginning, you might as well just restart the game. But in order to main the bonus you have to keep slicing at least 3 fruits minimum or more to keep the bonus flowing.


This is the best score that i have able to achieve through this method. It wasn’t easy through. Before you start slicing, try :

  • Cleaning your screen. A smooth screen gives a better slice through the phone
  • Tracing the lines. Cut the fruits according to how to fruits are spawned.
  • Avoid straight line slicing. This slicing method is a very bad method because you cant aim the fruits properly, reason being is the fruits are coming from various directions.
  • Be alert. Listen to the sounds when the fruits are pop-ing out. You might never know when a Special banana might spawn.


Bonus point titles:

Delicious Fruit – 5

Fruit Mix – 5

Multiple Of 5 – 10

No Bombs Hit! – 10

5 Fruit Combo – 10

Combo Rookie – 10

Great Fruit Combo – 20

Great 6 Fruit Combo – 20

First And Last Fruit – 25

Combo Assassin – 25

Nothing but Double – 30

Nothing but Freeze – 30

Nothing but Frenzy – 30

First & Last Fruit – 25

Combo Master – 35

No Fruit Dropped! – 50

No Bananas Sliced! – 50

Combo GOD!!!! – 50

Nothing but Berry – 100



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