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Cabal – Monster drop list [Lv80~ Lv100]

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Gaming language for today’s post would be..

WB ->WelcomeBack. Yes, its a greeting when you welcome your online friends back to gaming.

Continued from the previous post, I will continue to update the whole monster drop list system in CabalSea. Do leave comments and feedback i will get back to you guys A.S.A.P 🙂

Forgotten Ruin ( Lv95 +)

Blade Peryton / Hexscyther

Blade PerytonHexscyther

  • OSM Set, Plate Of Honor, Aqua Crystal/Orb With and Without Slot, ST Weapon, Formula Card No.008,Force Core (High), Amulet Of Guard +7, ROF/S +7, Life/Mana Absorb Bracelet. Bracelet of Brute+1, Cartriges Lvl 3/4 random, Strange Stem, Blue Feather, Upgrade Core High, OSM Armor/Martialsuit (All Double Slotted No Upgrades), Formula Card No. 076


Cabal – Monster drop list 2 [Lvl 65~Lv80]

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Gaming language of the post!

ROFL -> RollOnFloorLaughing. Usually used when players tend to crack a funny joke.

Due to the insufficient details of the monster drop list, i decided to improve the drop list in this post i hope it helps 🙂 Below are the important monster drops from each town. Items and equipments shown are only the ones which cannot be found from NPC.

Fort Ruina ( Lv 65 abv )

Auto cannon-OP Lv 65

Auto cannon-OP

  • Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Titanium Set, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, DT Skeleton Mine (Party), Force Amulet+1, D.T Mummy Grave, EOS +4, Force Regeneration Amulet +1

Meca ape Lv 70

Meca ape

Mecha Ape Archer Lv 72

Meca Ape Archer

  • EoG+4 ,EOF+5

Mechamander/Meca Mender Lv 75

Meca Mender

  • Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+5, EOG+3

Mecha Bufferlo Lv 77

Meca Bufferlo

  • Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+3, EOG/S/F +5, Map Part

Electric Bird Lv 80

Meca Mender

  • EOG +5, Map Part

Mechazard Lv 83

Meca Bufferlo

  • Air/Flame Disc LvL 2, ST/Titanium Set, Map Part, EOG/S/F +3, EOF/S/G +4, EOF/S/G +5, Map Part, Amulet Of Guard +5, Extract Potion, Formular Card No. 05, ROS/F +6, Life/Mana Regen Amulet +2,

Auto Cannon-EX Lv 87

Auto Cannon-EX

  • Map Part, Titanium, S.Titanium, Muster Card, Amulet of Guard +6, EoS+3, EoS+5

Lake in Dusk  (Lv75 Abv)

EoS +6, Osmium Weapon/Armour, Slot Shadow Titanium, Lapis Weapon, Force Core (High) , Upgrade
Core (Medium), Titanium slot (any type, clean, amped, etc.), Aqua Orb/Crystal 0/1/2 Slot, Adept/Bless
Bracelets +0/1, Extract potion, Shadow EOS/G/F +5, Crafted Shadowtitanium With 0/1/2 Slot, Crafted

Osmium, Slot Extender (Medium) Awesome drop : ASTRAL BIKE CARD : BLUE

Undead Ground (Lv80 Abv)


Cabal – Pet traning system [GUIDE]

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

There are 2 parts in this guide that i wan to share. Part 1–  6 tips to begin with and Part 2 –  8 steps for the guide.

Part 1

1) To get your pets train you have to go see the Core Alchemist ( NPC ) in any town. CLICK HIM

2) The maximum level a pet can reach is 10, and they will gain EXP every time you use a skill.

3) You cannot gain skill exp from dummy. You can gain additional EXP for your pets if you use Premium + Plus beads.

4)  For every level you will gain 1 skill slot. Every time you level you can have the option of filling that slot with a skill.

5 ) You will have to use Force Core Highest to train your pet with success rate of 100%. Slot is random.

6) When the pet is reached at its maximum level ( 10 ), it will change its appearance. ( Your pet looks cooler now )

Part 2

1. Training Pet

Insert animal, insert Force Core Highest. Success rate is 100%, and skill gained is randomized. Cost of learning new skills will increase as the pet level goes up, or so they say. One question though, is that there is an item called Action Kit, which hasn’t been implemented yet. Probably will be implemented later on. Skill addition is performed at the Core Alchemist NPC and costs alz determined by the level and a single Force Core Highest.

  • Levels 1~5 = 1,000,000 al
  • Levels 6~8 = 2,000,000 alz
  • Level 9 = 3,000,000 alz
  • Level 10 = 4,000,000 alz

2. Increasing Pet Level

You accumulate EXP for your pet by using skills. Items that give out skill EXP does not work with it (ie. Adepts). No one knows if certain skills give more EXP or not.

3. Pet Skills

4. Pet Naming

You can give your pet a name via Pet Naming Kit. Available at the Port Lux Grocer this card costs 150,000,000 alz. A renamed pet cannot be seen by the apposing nation on war channel/map they will only see the pet type name for example “Dire Boar” instead of your pets real name be it “Fluffy” or “Ralph”.

(example of pet with customized name, CanCan)

(pet rename card. try to guess what it does)