Cabal – Monster drop list 2 [Lvl 65~Lv80]

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Due to the insufficient details of the monster drop list, i decided to improve the drop list in this post i hope it helps 🙂 Below are the important monster drops from each town. Items and equipments shown are only the ones which cannot be found from NPC.

Fort Ruina ( Lv 65 abv )

Auto cannon-OP Lv 65

Auto cannon-OP

  • Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Titanium Set, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, DT Skeleton Mine (Party), Force Amulet+1, D.T Mummy Grave, EOS +4, Force Regeneration Amulet +1

Meca ape Lv 70

Meca ape

Mecha Ape Archer Lv 72

Meca Ape Archer

  • EoG+4 ,EOF+5

Mechamander/Meca Mender Lv 75

Meca Mender

  • Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+5, EOG+3

Mecha Bufferlo Lv 77

Meca Bufferlo

  • Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+3, EOG/S/F +5, Map Part

Electric Bird Lv 80

Meca Mender

  • EOG +5, Map Part

Mechazard Lv 83

Meca Bufferlo

  • Air/Flame Disc LvL 2, ST/Titanium Set, Map Part, EOG/S/F +3, EOF/S/G +4, EOF/S/G +5, Map Part, Amulet Of Guard +5, Extract Potion, Formular Card No. 05, ROS/F +6, Life/Mana Regen Amulet +2,

Auto Cannon-EX Lv 87

Auto Cannon-EX

  • Map Part, Titanium, S.Titanium, Muster Card, Amulet of Guard +6, EoS+3, EoS+5

Lake in Dusk  (Lv75 Abv)

EoS +6, Osmium Weapon/Armour, Slot Shadow Titanium, Lapis Weapon, Force Core (High) , Upgrade
Core (Medium), Titanium slot (any type, clean, amped, etc.), Aqua Orb/Crystal 0/1/2 Slot, Adept/Bless
Bracelets +0/1, Extract potion, Shadow EOS/G/F +5, Crafted Shadowtitanium With 0/1/2 Slot, Crafted

Osmium, Slot Extender (Medium) Awesome drop : ASTRAL BIKE CARD : BLUE

Undead Ground (Lv80 Abv)

Lion Zombie/Lihorn Zombie Lv 91

Lion Zombie

  • EOS +5, OSM Set, Titanium Weapon, Air Disc Lvl 3, Sword Shapes Lvl3, EOD, Runia Muster Card

Zombie Fighter Lv 101

Zombie Fighter

  • Powerful Core, Ruina Muster Card, EOD, EOG +5, ROS/F +7

Ghost Blader Lv 96

Ghost Blader

  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card, OSM Set, EOG/F +5, Extract Potion (DEX), Pherystin Crystal/Orb, Powerful Core

Zombie Slayer/Slater Lv 106

Zombie Slater

  • EOD, Ruina Muster card

Zombie Knight Lv 111

Zombie knight

  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card

Berserk Ghoul Lv 116

Beserker Goul

  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card

Vampire Servant Lv 121

Vampire Servant

  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card

Death Soldier Lv 126

Death Soldier

  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOS/F/G +5, Titan Blade/Kantana With Slot +1/2/3, EOG+6

Death Giant Lv 131

Death Giant

  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOF +5, EOG/F/S +6, Titan Blade/Kantana With Slot +1/2/3, Cartridge lvl 4

Specter Lv 136


  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOS +5, EOF/S/G +6, Titan Blade/Kantana With Slot +1/2/3

Wraith Lv 141


  • EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOS +6, EOF +5


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