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The cutting edge : Fruit Ninja ” Your way to becoming a ninja starts here..”

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Today gaming language of the post:

GL HF which means GOODLUCK HAVEFUN. Meanings are pretty obvious so i guess i don’t need to explain much 😛

Well lets move on to our post of the day where the most anticipated gaming tip, Fruit Ninja by Half Brick.


Fruit Ninja




Fruit Ninja is a iPhone slicing game by Half Brick. This game is pretty similar to Veg Samurai. The difference is that in Fruit Ninja you slice fruits and the with ONE slice the fruit cannot be sliced any further. Whereas for Veg Samurai you slice vege ( Duh pretty obvious? ) But the vegies in Veg Samurai takes about 4 slices to complete slicing a vege.