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Cafe World – Stove placing tips

Friday, October 29th, 2010

To begin with, this post is a continue version of the previous post ( The secret towards a stable buzz rate ). Well in this post we are gonna talk about how to place your stoves and counters in a strategic way to that your character do not require walk from one end to another end like this and to make all your Chef and Waiter/Waitresses stack up together like this.

Notice how are the characters all put in one spot? There’s a strategic way to place your stoves as shown in the picture. Lets take a look at another picture before i start explaining

You guys can either follow this stove placing or my stove placing ( First Photo )

And last but not lease tip of the day!

  • Minimize the amount of space the waiter will have to walk to serve customers. Forming a U-shape with the tables ! the open end facing the stoves and serving counters — is an easy way to pull this off.
  • To lower the amount of customers that leave, use dividers and other obstacles as a way to slow down their walk to the table, giving you more time to prep food and serve more customers.

Cafe world – Daily cooking bonus

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Everyday when you harvest your cooked food, many gift sending stuff’s will appear and this too. The Daily cooking bonus. I want to share with you guys the mystery items that we would get by playing cafe world everyday!

As the more days you play the bigger bonuses you get when you cook for the next day!

1) Day One

A coin bonus up to 4000 coins at lvl70-90

2) Day Two

A greater coin bonus than day one approximately 20% of the day one coin bonus


Cabal – Pet traning system [GUIDE]

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

There are 2 parts in this guide that i wan to share. Part 1–  6 tips to begin with and Part 2 –  8 steps for the guide.

Part 1

1) To get your pets train you have to go see the Core Alchemist ( NPC ) in any town. CLICK HIM

2) The maximum level a pet can reach is 10, and they will gain EXP every time you use a skill.

3) You cannot gain skill exp from dummy. You can gain additional EXP for your pets if you use Premium + Plus beads.

4)  For every level you will gain 1 skill slot. Every time you level you can have the option of filling that slot with a skill.

5 ) You will have to use Force Core Highest to train your pet with success rate of 100%. Slot is random.

6) When the pet is reached at its maximum level ( 10 ), it will change its appearance. ( Your pet looks cooler now )

Part 2

1. Training Pet

Insert animal, insert Force Core Highest. Success rate is 100%, and skill gained is randomized. Cost of learning new skills will increase as the pet level goes up, or so they say. One question though, is that there is an item called Action Kit, which hasn’t been implemented yet. Probably will be implemented later on. Skill addition is performed at the Core Alchemist NPC and costs alz determined by the level and a single Force Core Highest.

  • Levels 1~5 = 1,000,000 al
  • Levels 6~8 = 2,000,000 alz
  • Level 9 = 3,000,000 alz
  • Level 10 = 4,000,000 alz

2. Increasing Pet Level

You accumulate EXP for your pet by using skills. Items that give out skill EXP does not work with it (ie. Adepts). No one knows if certain skills give more EXP or not.

3. Pet Skills

4. Pet Naming

You can give your pet a name via Pet Naming Kit. Available at the Port Lux Grocer this card costs 150,000,000 alz. A renamed pet cannot be seen by the apposing nation on war channel/map they will only see the pet type name for example “Dire Boar” instead of your pets real name be it “Fluffy” or “Ralph”.

(example of pet with customized name, CanCan)

(pet rename card. try to guess what it does)