Cafe World – Stove placing tips

To begin with, this post is a continue version of the previous post ( The secret towards a stable buzz rate ). Well in this post we are gonna talk about how to place your stoves and counters in a strategic way to that your character do not require walk from one end to another end like this and to make all your Chef and Waiter/Waitresses stack up together like this.

Notice how are the characters all put in one spot? There’s a strategic way to place your stoves as shown in the picture. Lets take a look at another picture before i start explaining

You guys can either follow this stove placing or my stove placing ( First Photo )

And last but not lease tip of the day!

  • Minimize the amount of space the waiter will have to walk to serve customers. Forming a U-shape with the tables ! the open end facing the stoves and serving counters — is an easy way to pull this off.
  • To lower the amount of customers that leave, use dividers and other obstacles as a way to slow down their walk to the table, giving you more time to prep food and serve more customers.

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