Cafe world – Daily cooking bonus

Everyday when you harvest your cooked food, many gift sending stuff’s will appear and this too. The Daily cooking bonus. I want to share with you guys the mystery items that we would get by playing cafe world everyday!

As the more days you play the bigger bonuses you get when you cook for the next day!

1) Day One

A coin bonus up to 4000 coins at lvl70-90

2) Day Two

A greater coin bonus than day one approximately 20% of the day one coin bonus

3) Day Three

A mystery dish up to 100 servings from the cookbook

4) Day Four

A mystery dish up to 400 servings from the cookbook

5) Day Five

A premium mystery spice out the 6 different spices

6) Day Six

A premium mystery spice out the 6 different spices

7) Day Seven

The best reward ever! 3 cafe cash ( If I’m not mistaken )

Well this are the rewards for cooking daily, not much of a reward i suppose. Here’s a tip. Do try more on engaging lightning stoves and those special stove to speed up the cooking time. Cooking time sure do help much in gaining CP’s and Coins.


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