Cabal: How to upgrade item using Force Core

group210241.jpgMany friend do not know how to upgrade item using Force Core.
This article teaches you step by step on how to upgrade item using Force Core.

First, look for Alchemist and speak to him.
When you are speaking to the Alchemist, click on ‘Upgrade’ button to upgrade your item (all items with slots!!!) and then a new menu will appear. This is a slotted item for example:

-The Item space is to put the weapon or armour inside you want upgrading, the core space is to put your force core inside (you can also but low-, medium- or high core inside with the force core because it will increase the chance of being succesful). The Catalyst space is where you have to put another slotted weapon / armour inside and this determines your special upgrade.

-You also can put a second force cores inside and can get a chance at getting a level 2 upgrade but its completely random what you get.

-When all is done you can klick on the “try Upgrade” button. Now it can fail or success. I hope you get a success!

Upgrade List:

Some Tips:
1.Only use low cores for increase the succes rate!!! (thats important or you lose to much money)
2.The best lvl 1 Upgrades are hp and critic! (you can only make hp on suits and boots and critic on helm and weopen, for gloves much choose attack but you can also try lvl 2 upgrades)
3. First chance to get a succes is 75% (if you have a double slotted item the second slot will have a 50% chance)
4. You also can increase the succes chance with a catalyst which have +X (1,2,3,4,5…) which give 3% more.

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34 Responses to “Cabal: How to upgrade item using Force Core”

  1. ??! Says:

    anong gmit poh yan?khit ano poh b yan pra mkpag upgrade ng gmiT!

  2. bhon Says:

    buying a gold in cabal ph. PHP need many gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me

  3. leo Says:

    thanks for the info. but i was wondering, is there a specific item for the catalyst or you can use anything even crude orbs?

  4. jeff Says:

    mukang mali yan tnuturo mo kasi dpat my isang UCM or UCH pra maging succes ung item ng tama at hndi marandom

  5. okatokat Says:

    what catalyst for Critical Rate inc+5%???

  6. totoro Says:

    hey man, thk for u the information, but can u tell me how to make the hp & mp increase natural, wht i mean is my lvl is 60 but my hp & mp still low….

  7. thx it helps me a lot Says:

    O_o this does helped me a lil. besides can u pls send a mail to to tell me the guide during the nation quest and what makes the nation quest appear? pls i need that cos i am 150 lvl but got no nation T-T

  8. skoppergurl Says:

    crit dmg:::10percnt

    catalyst: great sword or daikatana..

    depende sa item na gamit mo…

  9. skoppergurl Says:

    MP AND HP…



  10. Rockerz Says:

    pano ung dt para makakuha ng skill points kailangan bang matapos yun?

  11. enceladus of saturn Says:

    nice info man! is there a way to make sure that the force upgrade will produce a specific output? ex: critical rate…

  12. ronnie Says:

    what catalyst for Sword Skill Amp+5% and Magic Skill Amp+5% ?

  13. CABAL_ADIK Says:

    ano poh catalyst sa sword skill amp. ?

  14. adrian14 Says:

    try skill upgrades to increase hp and mp>>its also depends on your skill rnk>>

  15. adrian14 Says:

    can we use any helm or swords in the catalysts?
    even helms for lvl 1?

  16. errol Says:

    ano po catalysts ng SSA and MSA..please reply guys..tnx

  17. zzz Says:

    I still dun understand it… i keep on trying and it doesnt work.
    can you define what is a “grade” of an item?

    thank you

  18. secret Says:

    pwede bang malamn account ng cabal gumawa nito

  19. mole19 Says:

    what catalyst for Sword Skill Amp+5% and Magic Skill Amp+5% ?

  20. jason Says:

    What catalyst for Sword Or Magic Amp

  21. vabf Says:

    how do u make SSA 7%

    what item need for?

    please answerd

  22. vang Says:

    what catalyst do u use to make ssa option.

    please reply thanks.!!

  23. fdeath Says:

    how to create a max critical in suit?

  24. andrei Says:

    thanks for the info im lvl 142 and i didnot know how to upgrade!!!!!!

  25. lucky manzano Says:

    sorry but i really dont know the catalyst for SSA and MSA
    really sory men

    but i think there is no really catalyst for SSA and MSA

  26. me Says:

    guys can any one tell how to make a weapon with ssa ? it would be great

  27. takesi Says:

    can you tell me how to upgrade items succes 100% ???pliss tell me…


  28. aspro Says:

    how to upgrade items w/ CRI and what CORE can be use it,,,,plss tell me i need some help????

  29. patrick Says:

    how to get upgrade amp glove n boot???

  30. Miguel Says:

    Hey i was just wondering is there a way to open slots by yourself or is that only possible by finding them with slots as drops?

  31. blo0dshot Says:

    is there a catalyst for max crit rate?

  32. idlaz Says:

    what is the catalyst for ssa upgrade?

  33. tsuki hiiro Says:

    pano po gumawa ng max crit rate +2%..? ano po catalyst..?

  34. suzu Says:


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