SealOnline English Version launched Free to Play International Server

seal online, free to play, mmorpgSealOnline is a Free to Play MMORPG game. Previously, SealOnline started at Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Thus, the game language is only shown in the respective language. As it receive a great response from online players, they decided to launch the SealOnline International Server at Nov 2007.

SealOnline has a very nice and cute character. You can customize your character gender and hair style. There are 7 classes in the game, which are Beginner, Knight, Warrior, Mage, Priest, Jester and Craftman. Monsters are classified into few element (Neutral, Water, Earth, Fire, Gold, Light, Dark). Sometimes, monster drop element stone. If you combine the element stone with your weapon or armor, it will have special effect towards a certain element. For instance, if you have water element in your weapon, then you’ll be able to have extra damage towards fire element monster.

sealonline, free to play games, online gamesBesides, there are also pet system. Pet can be categorize into 2 main category which is plant series and animal series. Plant series pet of course will grow from seed to a nice plant like Rose, Sun flower and etc. Plant will be more suitable for protection. If you need more damage for your attack, then you can get a animal series of pet.

So does Seal Online sound very interesting?

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