Cafe World: The secret towards a stable buzz rate

Welcome to the first cafe world tip post at this site! Hope this information do help in your gaming experience.

Basically there’s 2 ways of playing with the buzz, either you’re playing the

  • Normal way (not recommended)
  • Express way (recommended) to own your friends

First rule

BeCreative (Normal way)

To improve your buzz rating to the maximum firstly you have to make your cafe look awesome. Do put it a really nice name to make it sound attractive somehow it does affect the buzz rating of the cafe. Here is a video that i looked up in youtube which named the Top 15 Cafe World designs. Video was not originated by me ๐Ÿ™‚

With the top designs to follow up withย  surely the buzz rating will be at its max and it will stay its max of 105.0

Second rule

Stack up the cheating way of putting your stoves (Express way)

Do tune in for the next post on the tips on putting the stoves and counters in a very strategic way for fast cash and CP’s.



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