Cabal – Monster drop list [Lv80~ Lv100]

Gaming language for today’s post would be..

WB ->WelcomeBack. Yes, its a greeting when you welcome your online friends back to gaming.

Continued from the previous post, I will continue to update the whole monster drop list system in CabalSea. Do leave comments and feedback i will get back to you guys A.S.A.P 🙂

Forgotten Ruin ( Lv95 +)

Blade Peryton / Hexscyther

Blade PerytonHexscyther

  • OSM Set, Plate Of Honor, Aqua Crystal/Orb With and Without Slot, ST Weapon, Formula Card No.008,Force Core (High), Amulet Of Guard +7, ROF/S +7, Life/Mana Absorb Bracelet. Bracelet of Brute+1, Cartriges Lvl 3/4 random, Strange Stem, Blue Feather, Upgrade Core High, OSM Armor/Martialsuit (All Double Slotted No Upgrades), Formula Card No. 076



  • Rumored : Bike Key

Sand Lihorn           Griffin                     Lihorna                 Giant Scorpion

Sand Lihorn Griffin  Lihorna Giant Scorpion

  • EOG +6, POH, Force Absorb Ring +2, Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B1F

Two-headed Hound/  Stone Beetle

Two-headed Hound  Stone Beetle

  • EoF+6, Force Absorb Ring +2

Fire Beetle

Fire Beetle

  • Force Absorb Ring +2

Monakaus Karion

  • Upgrade Core High, Force Core High Bike Key, Lapis Orb With 2 slot

Forgotten Ruin Boss
2 Headed wolf

  • OSM Armor/Battel/Martial suit With 2 slot +0, OSM Weapon With Slot, Terraceguard/Shineguard/Mystic Part +0 No Slot, (Slot Extender & Red OS Not Confirm), Dex/Int/Str pot, Upgrade Core (High), Force Core (High)

Big Scorpion

  • Plate Of Honor, EOG +6, EOG +5, Muster Card:Forgotten Temple, Force Core (High), OS Armor/Battle /Martial Suit With 2 Slot +0, OS Weapon With Slot, Terrace-guard/Shineguard/Mystic Part +0 No Slot, (Slot Extender & Red OS Not Confirm), Dex/Int/Str pot, Upgrade Core (High), Force Core(High)

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