Cabal Online or CabalSEA – it’s open beta now!


Long ago, the CABAL cleansed the land with
fury and destruction. Amidst the needless
devastation, seven great masters of Force Power
led the remaining survivors to rebuild.

Now, almost a thousand years later,
the CABAL are puppeteering the evil
again, breeding a child to be king
and once again cleanse the land.
It is up to you to face the invaders
of Nevareth and uncover the conspiracy behind it…
Amongst the 100+ NPCs in CABAL, you’ll find friends and foes, good and evil. But remain vigilant! As sides change, some allies may turn on you, while former enemies can now be trusted…

Here’s Cabalsea official site URL
Cabal Online
Cabalsea Game client download link

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