Cabal – Monster drop list 2 [Lvl 65~Lv80]

November 16th, 2010

Gaming language of the post!

ROFL -> RollOnFloorLaughing. Usually used when players tend to crack a funny joke.

Due to the insufficient details of the monster drop list, i decided to improve the drop list in this post i hope it helps 🙂 Below are the important monster drops from each town. Items and equipments shown are only the ones which cannot be found from NPC.

Fort Ruina ( Lv 65 abv )

Auto cannon-OP Lv 65

Auto cannon-OP

  • Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Titanium Set, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, DT Skeleton Mine (Party), Force Amulet+1, D.T Mummy Grave, EOS +4, Force Regeneration Amulet +1

Meca ape Lv 70

Meca ape

Mecha Ape Archer Lv 72

Meca Ape Archer

  • EoG+4 ,EOF+5

Mechamander/Meca Mender Lv 75

Meca Mender

  • Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+5, EOG+3

Mecha Bufferlo Lv 77

Meca Bufferlo

  • Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+3, EOG/S/F +5, Map Part

Electric Bird Lv 80

Meca Mender

  • EOG +5, Map Part

Mechazard Lv 83

Meca Bufferlo

  • Air/Flame Disc LvL 2, ST/Titanium Set, Map Part, EOG/S/F +3, EOF/S/G +4, EOF/S/G +5, Map Part, Amulet Of Guard +5, Extract Potion, Formular Card No. 05, ROS/F +6, Life/Mana Regen Amulet +2,

Auto Cannon-EX Lv 87

Auto Cannon-EX

  • Map Part, Titanium, S.Titanium, Muster Card, Amulet of Guard +6, EoS+3, EoS+5

Lake in Dusk  (Lv75 Abv)

EoS +6, Osmium Weapon/Armour, Slot Shadow Titanium, Lapis Weapon, Force Core (High) , Upgrade
Core (Medium), Titanium slot (any type, clean, amped, etc.), Aqua Orb/Crystal 0/1/2 Slot, Adept/Bless
Bracelets +0/1, Extract potion, Shadow EOS/G/F +5, Crafted Shadowtitanium With 0/1/2 Slot, Crafted

Osmium, Slot Extender (Medium) Awesome drop : ASTRAL BIKE CARD : BLUE

Undead Ground (Lv80 Abv)

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DotA 6.69 Secret quest [Guide]

November 1st, 2010

Starting from today, with every new post that i post i will include a fun fact of gaming languages that we use everyday in our gaming lifestyles in the 20th century 🙂 Here’s the first one.

FTW– FOR THE WIN (Normally used when you’re feeling good about something and respect it well.)

The Guide

Not many people know about the existence of this secret quest so i want to share with you guys on how to play this secret quest step by step to own the legendary phoenix.

It is strongly recommended that you choose Naix (Lifestealer) to kill the phoenix because the phoenix has ALOT of HP.

Items Recommended (Without cheats) -> Assault CuirassStygian DesolatorDivine RapierDivine RapierHeart of TarrasqueVladmir's Offering

Step 1

-Start by going to the current location (Nearby the river) as shown in the picture. Prepare to destroy the PreRune to unlock the following next 2 RedRunes.

Step 2

Continue by moving on to destroy the 1st RedRune and the 2nd RedRune. After destroying the 2 RedRune we can now begin to kill the IceFrogs which are located around the map.

Step 3

These are the location for the Icefrogs. There are 5 on the sentinel side and 5 on the scourge side. Locate them by using Gem of truesight   Gem of Truesight and kill them by using Dagon Dagon

Step 4

After killing all the IceFrogs in the map, Icarus the legendary Phoenix will appear on the bottom right corner of the map and your hero will automatically die. See the flaming round ball besides the phoenix? That is a stunner. It stuns every living units in the whole map for about 9 seconds. So be careful and its very annoying.

Phoenix item drops -> Ancient Medallion which gives ( The ability to cast 9 illusions, +75 to all stats, 3x critical damage, and evasion! )

So try to bring it down and try it right away! 🙂

Cafe World – Stove placing tips

October 29th, 2010

To begin with, this post is a continue version of the previous post ( The secret towards a stable buzz rate ). Well in this post we are gonna talk about how to place your stoves and counters in a strategic way to that your character do not require walk from one end to another end like this and to make all your Chef and Waiter/Waitresses stack up together like this.

Notice how are the characters all put in one spot? There’s a strategic way to place your stoves as shown in the picture. Lets take a look at another picture before i start explaining

You guys can either follow this stove placing or my stove placing ( First Photo )

And last but not lease tip of the day!

  • Minimize the amount of space the waiter will have to walk to serve customers. Forming a U-shape with the tables ! the open end facing the stoves and serving counters — is an easy way to pull this off.
  • To lower the amount of customers that leave, use dividers and other obstacles as a way to slow down their walk to the table, giving you more time to prep food and serve more customers.